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Enhance Your Crypto Health with AI Insights, security protocols and latest marketplace Tools

Insights on your holdings
through our marketplace
Insights on your holdings
through our marketplace
sentiment analysis
sentiment analysis
Market Data
Market data
wallet scanning
Wallet Scanning
risk monitoring
Risk Monetoring
data products
Data Products
cyber security
Cyber Security
Tax Estimation
Task estimation
smart contract scanning
smart contract Scanning
ScAM detection
Scam Detection
airdrop tracking
Airdrop Tracking
legal support
Legal Support
wallet blacklisting
Wallet blacklisting
recovery support
Recovery Support
fast tracing
Fast Tracing
and more
And more
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A data marketplace with the latest tools for all your crypto trade insights, health, and security

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Powerful AI knowledge base that's curated and validated by the community for the latest trends and news

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Seamless integration, all tools are directly linked to your portfolio across your accounts, providing assistance at every step

CryptoLock’s Impact

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 our network of security and legal partners have recovered

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users feeling safer on their crypto health and protection

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in recovery cases we’ve managed since 2022

Security is at our 
core of our offering

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Monitor Wallets

Risk Monetoring

Threat Detection

risk alert

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In the event of a Stolen Crypto

We bring the best partners for

Wallet blacklisting
legal support
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tracing report
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We prepare you for

law enforcement investigations
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court and litigation funding
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Be ready in case
you’re hacked

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